Two Advisory Boards aided the Consortium on scientific and operational matters. The Boards were composed of experts from a variety of areas and sectors. The key objective of the advisory boards was to provide feedback on scientific progress and direction, to comment on research findings and to support the consortium in dissemination activities.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Lis Alban, Chief Researcher at Danish Agriculture & Food Council and Adjunct Professor at University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Derek Armstrong, Head of R&D at British Pig Executive BPEX, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Christine Fourichon, Director of Research Unit Biology, Epidemiology and Risk Analysis in Animal Health at the National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering, France
  • Dr. Klemens Fuchs, Agency for Health and Food Safety, Austria
  • Andrea Gervelmeyer, Senior Officer at the European Food Safety Authority EFSA, Brussels
  • Jan Klaver, Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs, PVE, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Volker Moennig, Professor at University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany
  • Dr. Simon More, Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology & Risk Analysis at University College Dublin, Ireland

Professional Advisory Board

  • Dr. Christianne Bruschke, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands
  • Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel, Deputy Head of Scientific and Technical Department at the World Organisation for Animal Health OIE, France
  • Nigel Gibbens, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs DEFRA, United Kingdom
  • Luis Romero González, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
  • Bengt Larsson, Head of Disease Control at Swedish Board of Agriculture – Department for Animal Welfare and Health, Sweden
  • Francisco Reviriego-Gordejo, Head of Sector Disease Control and Identification at the Directorate General Health & Consumers, European Commission, Belgium
  • Dr. Josef Schmidt, Head of Animal Health at Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, Switzerland
  • Dr. Karin Schwabenbauer, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany