Animal health surveillance information systems - workshop invitation

12 March 2015

AusVet Animal Health Services is to organise a pre-conference (the 2015 ANZCVS College Science Week) participatory workshop on the use of bottom-up approaches and cloud technology in system design and implementation on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, from 6th to 8th July, 2015.

The workshop is facilitated by a multidisciplinary team with sociological, epidemiological and information management expertise, among them RISKSUR research team member Angus Cameron, and will be targeted primarily at those with an epidemiological background, who have an understanding of the need for and use of health and surveillance information.

The workshop will allow participants to work with their own challenges or those of their peers to examine the issues of system design from a multidisciplinary perspective, and consider a range of design and implementation options. They will then use readily available Cloud computing resources and open source software to create a simple proof-of-concept system, implementing part of their design.

For more information please consult the workshop flyer.