RISKSUR Surveillance design framework available!

21 May 2015

A surveillance design framework was developed under the RISKSUR project with the aim of structuring the process of designing and documenting animal health surveillance.  

The framework guides users through the process of designing surveillance systems informed by current epidemiological knowledge and tools as well as full documentation of the design and decisions made. The framework also supports re-design to increase performance targets, such as sensitivity, timeliness, robustness, etc.  

Currently, the framework is available in Excel, which can be freely downloaded in the educational Wikispaces created for the framework at:


This WIKI environment allows everybody to see the content and download the excel spreadsheet, and let members to contribute to the content of the framework. Any members of the wiki can edit pages, or add questions and discussions to individual sections of the framework. They can also request to be notified of updates.

To become a member of the WIKI and contribute to it, please send an email to fernanda.dorea[at]sva.se or marisa.peyre[at]cirad.fr.

The RISKSUR team is also working on a complementary tool to guide users through the process of evaluation of surveillance components (EVA tool). Together, the two frameworks promote a structured and systematic approach for surveillance design and evaluation, promoting comparable, transparent and cost-effective surveillance.