Arcadia International® E.E.I.G

Arcadia International® E.E.I.G. is a multidisciplinary consultancy dedicated to the food and the feed value chain. It was founded in 1998 by senior consultants, who identified the need for a dedicated consultancy in the food/feed sectors. ARCADIA is established as a European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) and is headquartered in Brussels-Belgium. It operates in the EU, the Americas, Eastern and Central Europe and parts of Asia where it has accumulated significant skills in dealing with the agro-food and food safety issues, opportunities and the interaction between chain segments. Affiliates to the E.E.I.G. are members or associates, the latter in individual or corporate capacity. Most individual ARCADIA consultants have senior industry experience, and many of them have a scientific or technology academic background. ARCADIA experts are also at home with science and technology in food and feed, including risk management, quality and food safety.

Role in the project

Participant in WP 1, 5 | Co-leadership of WP 5 | Development of conceptual framework development | Development of evaluation framework | Facilitate stakeholder communication.


Daniel Traon
Managing Partner of Arcadia International
Email daniel.traon(at)